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Her Arrow: Anatolian Legacy

Initially it was the quality of the Turkish towels that drew me to Anatolian Legacy, and then as usual, it became apparent that the quality of the owner is what would make me a loyal customer. Ceren ‘JJ’ Tinar and I met at a local coffee shop and I instantly felt comfortable with her warm and down-to-earth personality. I’m a hugger and I love when someone offers one up when meeting, it breaks the ice and sets the tone. I knew at once JJ was a sweet soul. And that is what she puts into her work, soul. Not native to Kingston, it can often be difficult to make new connections, to break into an established circle of business people. Knowing that, JJ was determined to work hard and educate people on what she has to offer.

Turkish towels Canada

I have a feeling you’ve been attracted to her towels at local vendor shows or drooled over them in the latest copy of Refined Kingston, modelled by local super talents Jesse Whale and Laura Kaminer…and yes, they are gorgeous…and the towels are truly beautiful too 😉

Turkish towels Canada

Though if you haven’t yet grabbed one for yourself you won’t know how completely amazing these towels are in quality. How many things can proudly boast that they get BETTER the more you wash them?! These towels are built to last and to work like nothing you’ve used before. Made from 100% natural Turkish cotton, they are highly absorbent and dry so quickly, making them sought after for a variety of uses: bath, beach, yoga, shawl, throw, runner, baby blanket, scarf. One unexpected thing that I fell in love with…they don’t leave fuzzies on my face when drying off like so many of my other towels do, is anyone with me here?? It drives me nuts when towels do that, I don’t have time in the mornings to be picking off little balls of fuzz trying to get my makeup done! I also love that they don’t get the musty smell that can become problematic with terrycloth towels, no one wants to put a musty towel on their face either! The quick natural drying of Turkish towels avoids this, not even needing to put them in the dryer, which makes them last so long.

Anatolian Legacy

My best suggestion? Talk to JJ, she will determine your needs and guide you on how to dive into the world of Turkish towels. Because once you have started using them, not only will you want more, you will be excited to buy them for gifts! I love when I find a new go-to for gifts, something I know that anyone will love and appreciate….who doesn’t want to make gift-giving easier? Especially for those people who you think “have everything.”

Turkish towels canada

So how did Anatolian Legacy come to be? JJ explained that she studied Advertising and Marketing Communications Management in school and has had a passion for educating about her brand right from day one. From experience she realized that her motivation needed to come from within, she would do amazing things if she was standing behind a company that she believed in. She is proud to provide the community with products that mean something to her culture. Taking control and running your own company is a bold move, but with careful planning, networking and the support of family, JJ has seen amazing growth.

Turkish towels Canada

And in true entrepreneur style, she also makes amazing jewelry, because why not do a bit of everything! JJ also carries 925 Turkish silver jewelry, everything from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings, all designed and crafted by two artists in Turkey.

Turkish silver Canada

She knows that the continued success of Anatolian Legacy relies on building strong wholesale partnerships and is open to new opportunities and ready to push into huge growth! Be sure to check out her website for online sales and mark the below dates on your calendars to meet JJ and get your hands on some divine Turkish cotton!

Upcoming events: Click on the Anatolian Legacy links below for event details.

October 20th Fall 2nd Annual Ladies Night Out (YES! That’s TODAY!)
October 21st Kingston Veg Fest
November 2nd 1000 Islands Makers Market (hosted by Arrow It Forward and Nature’s Tonic)
November 12th Team MS – Artisan Christmas Market
November 18th & 19th CFB Christmas Show
November 24th Life Yoga – 3rd Annual Holiday Open House
November 25th Holiday Market – Support of Service Dogs
December 16th Kingston Collective XMAS Pop up Market

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  1. Lydia says:

    She’ll be at the 2nd Annual Fall Fest at the Armouries on October 29th as well in Kingston.