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Her Arrow: Dr. Aimee Shaw, Chiropractic & Acupuncture

It is always a good thing to stay curious, stay open, to learn about something that could have a very positive impact on your life. Collaborating with Dr. Aimee Shaw of Forever Young Chiropractic did this for me. It was fun to have a one-on-one with someone in the medical profession and feel casual enough to ask questions that I wouldn’t normally get to ask. It soon became apparent that any of her patients could also be in this position, as Dr. Aimee has a genuine understanding and teaching personality, an obvious caregiver, who is in her field for all of the right reasons.

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Have you always thought of yourself as a helper? Was chiropractic your first choice for a career or were you on another path before discovering your passion?

Aimee explained that as early as grade seven she was helping her friends “crack their backs” and seeing the relief that can come from adjusting. It was her mom who picked up on this and suggested she look into the world of chiropractic. Though in the usual way of teenagers, they need to figure things out themselves, Aimee was focused on English and not on her obvious skill for the sciences. Thankfully it became apparent where she excelled and her career path fell into place. It is an amazing thing knowing you are doing what you are supposed to be doing, to feel connected to your job in a fulfilling way.

When did you know you wanted a focus on pregnancy and children? Do you feel you need an extra skillset to be a good fit in this area?

Fortunately, Aimee was lucky enough to be aligned with mentors who had a vision of focused care in this sphere of chiropractic. She had the opportunity to join the team and a passion was ignited. Although unexpected, as she originally wanted to work with athletes, for her it was like an “ah-ha” moment as soon as she started working with the women and babies in the practice. The daily joy she gets out of working with women in pregnancy and children of all ages is something she is thankful for. I wish I would have crossed paths with her when dealing with significant hip pain during my pregnancy with my son!

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Your office is STUNNING and has such a charming area for the kids. Is making the atmosphere extra inviting crucial to making children feel comfortable visiting?

It became apparent that the growth of the practice called for a new space and in May of 2017, Forever Young took on their new, much larger location. The attention to detail was a main focus for the owners, who truly wanted to create a place that feels like home. The kids’ corner is something special, a unique take on the typical table with puzzles missing pieces.

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How does it feel when you are able to help someone who was feeling frustrated that nothing seemed to be working? What types of conditions can you offer solutions for?

Aimee often sees patients that have tried a variety of suggested treatments, yet are still looking for an answer. There are so many benefits to be had from working with the nervous system. Her goal is to see her patients thrive, in all areas of their wellbeing. She works to fix the problem, instead of just temporarily relieving symptoms. Once a patient has reached optimal health, it is so simple to just keep them healthy! One of her patients relayed how surprised she was that she didn’t actually “know what normal felt like” and now highly values being in the health maintenance phase.

Tell us a bit about the team you work with! How would you describe the daily vibe in the office?

At Forever Young, they have made it their mission to help as many people as possible, especially children. They see the value of preventing problems before they arise! “It’s easier to raise a healthy child than to fix a broken adult!”

It is a very collaborative atmosphere at the practice. There are a variety of practitioners who help in different areas and it is common to refer patients who may be better suited to another approach. Forever Young also has a modern take on how they do business. They place obvious importance on educating, both the general public and fellow practitioners in the medical profession. You could say that the area of chiropractic is still “relatively new”…a young 122 year old profession, and the benefits are still being uncovered for the first time by so many! This is why they participate in events all around the community, even holding workshops within their office.

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What can someone expect from their first visit with you? What would you say to someone who is nervous how their child would react to chiropractic adjustment?

An initial visit always starts with a full history, a thorough neurological exam, and other orthopedic tests as deemed necessary from the history. All of the findings are explained to the patient or the patient’s parents before moving forward into appointments for adjustments. I found it so interesting to listen to Aimee explain about handling a newborn, comparing the amount of pressure to the gentle squeeze you would use to test the ripeness of a tomato…you will NOT be hearing loud cracks at a child’s chiropractic appointment!

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Often helpers neglect their own self-care…what are some ways that you unwind and feel rejuvenated?

It was funny to hear that during her years of education, Aimee and her classmates would end up OVER-adjusted from practicing on each other. She knows that it is a specific balance. Just like the work/life balance. She works varying shifts that don’t push her to over extending herself, it really is so important to have the balance to be able to continue to be at your best to help others. And any time Aimee is starting to feel off? Well, she is definitely in the RIGHT place for self-care…wouldn’t it be nice to book a massage, reiki session, physiotherapy or naturopathic appointments right down the hall?

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I don’t think it’s a coincidence that soon after meeting Aimee, that my lower left side of my back began troubling me more after years of just “dealing with it.” It’s funny what you start noticing when you start paying attention to your body. So…I am looking for a solution and I know just the person who can help.

Mind, body, spirit.

Dr. Aimee Shaw


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