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Her Arrow: Lindsay Higgs

I became a client of Lindsay’s when my son, who has so much hair he looked like the Zoolander baby at birth, needed some fixing up after a not-so-great cut. I heard that she was amazing with children and did an excellent job, which proved correct after our first appointment with her. My family began visiting her regularly and I always looked forward to chatting away with ease while she did her thing to make me walk out of there looking like a kickass “after” picture. We bonded over tea and balayage….and laughing about our kids. Lindsay is an amazing mom, having the perfect balance of patience and humour to get through her busy days! Through her work with her salon LH Hair Artistry and following new dreams in the beauty industry, Lindsay Higgs is a woman to watch! She knows how to treat a customer and her clients love her for it!

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You have two businesses, a successful home salon and more recently you became a distributor for an amazing cosmetic company. Do you find that your customers overlap? The salon must be the perfect platform to talk makeup!

Yes! I am very fortunate to have the opportunity and convenience of sharing both sides of the beauty industry with my clients. As a hair stylist, my clients often look to me for new trends and fashions, I love being able to share both Senegence beauty and skin care products, as well as the latest hair trends with them! I’ve been thrilled to have my hair clients turn into Senegence clients and vice versa.

Lindsay Higgs


Why do you feel you are drawn toward the beauty industry in general?

As a little girl I was always playing hair and makeup. I remember I would fuss over my friends and give them makeovers. I have a tracing of my body from kindergarten that says, “When I grow up I’m going to be a hairstylist!” I always want the women I encounter to feel fabulous, the beauty industry allows me to do this!

Lindsay Higgs


Can you notice a difference in mood between the time someone sits in your chair and when they are ready to leave?

Absolutely, I notice a little spark around the time I begin to blow dry their hair, they can see their colour pop or the change in their cut and feel excited about their new look. I love when my clients begin to adore themselves in the mirror. There is no greater joy than making my clients feel refreshed and confident!

I know that you put importance on using videos, specifically Facebook Live, to connect with your Senegence followers and in my opinion you are a total natural! Why do you see this appraoch as so beneficial in the way you do business? Do you ever get nervous?

I wanted to connect to my clients in a more personal and authentic manner. By making myself vulnerable and doing a live video, my clients can see the value in what I am sharing with them. Anything can happen when you go live, especially in a house filled with four daughters! I can connect on a deeper level with my audience, they see my excitement and I’m not just someone sitting behind a computer trying to sell something. I love to share this product with people and what I hope is they see my true love and passion for it during my live videos. As I said, anything can happen, so yes, I do get very nervous, but if we don’t get out of our comfort zones we don’t go anywhere. 😉

Lindsay Higgs


I love seeing your children pop in and out of the videos! As a mom of four beautiful girls, you must realize there is no “perfect” time of the day to squeeze in some “work”….but that’s what I think women appreciate seeing, a slice of your life! Do you agree that you just “go for it?”

Oh, absolutely! The girls will hear me say I’m going to do a live video and they can’t wait to get in on it. My daughters have also fallen in love with Lipsense and I love it! I will give myself a little pep talk before a live video, once I click the “go live” button there’s no turning back, you just have to go with it! I do love showing my audience that this business can be run no matter what the circumstances, if I can do it, anyone can do it!

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Do your girls ask questions about what you are doing when you are making videos, doing tutorials etc? What do you want them to know about why you do what you do?

Yes, the girls are always asking me questions during and after a live video or in general when I’m getting ready. First and foremost, I tell them they are beautiful without any makeup on their face, that makeup is fun and it can help women feel more confident in their daily lives. I love letting them apply Lipsense. I see a little twinkle in their eyes when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Fill us in about LipSense, I shake my head that as a self-proclaimed product junkie it took me so long to try out this magical lipstick!!!

I am so happy you made the choice to give it a try and I must say when I see your lips I have a tad bit of lip envy! Your lips were made for Lipsense. The long wearing lip colour is not a stain, it actually bonds to your lips which allows the colour to last the day! Lipsense is waterproof, smudge proof, lead free, wax free, gluten free, GMO free, cruelty free and made in the USA. New users will start with a starter kit which comes with a colour, a gloss and remover. The gloss seals your colour on and hydrates your lips, you apply your gloss throughout the day to maximize the longevity of your lip colour. The remover is helpful for little mistakes you might make during application and for removing your colour at night! Yes…you have to remove it! Lipsense is a life changer for me! As a lipstick girl & makeup lover, I have used what feels like a million different products and nothing touches the longevity of our lip colour and makeup. To be able to apply in the morning and not worry about it fading until I decide to take it off at the end of the day makes life way more simplified. No more worrying about forgetting my make up bag at home! Senegence has me covered, literally ha ha!

With your husband’s new job opportunity, you’re family has made a big move in the last year! Are you finding that being a Senegence distributor is helping to get your groove back and make new connections?

100% yes. It was tough for me initially. I am used to being in the salon more and with the move I am now in the salon only two days a week. Senegence has filled the void of being away from my clients. It’s also given me a new found passion. I absolutely love the new connections I’ve made through having this opportunity. I’ve met so many like-minded women on the business side, but also new clients who have inspired me to keep sharing this product with anyone I can. Anyone who has lips needs to know about this product! I didn’t realize when I joined how much I needed this in my life and how much I adore helping women channel their inner goddess and feel confident. Every woman deserves to wake up and feel fabulous every single day and it’s incredible how a little lip colour is doing that for so many.

Lindsay Higgs


What combo would you suggest for upcoming holiday parties?

Three words, THE DIAMOND COLLECTION! Our new limited edition diamond collection came out just in time for the holidays. These colours have been blended with finely crushed, genuine diamond gemstones to give your lips the most radiant finish! Top your dazzling color with Diamond Kiss Gloss for even more sparkle, and the hydrating moisture of shea butter and vitamin E. After all, diamonds & Lipsense really are a girl’s best friend, so what better than to combine them both! You’ll be catching the eye of many with these incredible lips! I wish everyone a very Merry Kissmas! XO

May your lips be fabulous and your smile be bright!




Okay so here is my own mini-review of Lipsense. If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen some of my updates on various Insta story posts….I think at one point I didn’t even know what to say and just said “I can’t even……”

Lipsense Ontario

This was at the END of the day after a very busy vendor market!!

Have you had doubts and kind of just wish you would stop hearing about Lipsense?! Give your head a shake….it really IS that GOOD! I have nice lips, I’m not going to lie, people have always told me that and I’m ok with putting that out there. BUT the funny thing was I often wouldn’t wear any lipstick. Mainly because I suck in the mornings and am always rushing, so I stopped wasting time on my lips because it wouldn’t last anyway! I never felt fully put together like this, but what are you going to do? You are going to get LIPSENSE is what you are going to do! I have worn it EVERY day since I got it and I am nothing short of amazed. When a product ACTUALLY does what it claims to do, it makes me happy and reduces the rage (slightly) of all of the crappy products I have tried that have ended up in the garbage. Feel free to message me directly if you have specific questions, or to hear the couple of tips and tricks I now know…I really CAN talk about makeup forever….but for now I will say, hit up Lindsay and give it a shot!

Better yet….we are making it easy for you to see everything in person! Lindsay, myself and Lisa Robichaud of Nature’s Tonic are putting on a pop-up evening THIS WEDNESDAY! Drop in and have a quick peek (Lipsense, jewelry and candles oh my!) Click here for event details:  https://www.facebook.com/events/134039557295295/?ti=cl


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