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Asking the universe for what you want…and saying yes!

When you ask the universe for something, do you HAVE to say yes to every opportunity that comes your way? You’ve made a decision, you want a change. You have big dreams…and you’re feeling pretty ballsy. But what happens when opportunity comes knocking, often and persistent? With the first few knocks you are like “YES, thank you universe, that’s what I’m talking about!!!” This is a time where you roll down the windows of your car, blasting gangster rap, nodding your head with an “I got this” attitude. Life is great, and so obviously going your way.


And then some opportunities start presenting themselves that give you pause. They seem bigger and better than you had even anticipated…..but maybe more than you feel ready for? Your confidence falters and you go into retreat mode. You turn off the gangster rap, slink lower into your seat and the windows rise with a quick touch of the button, closing you off to the world….which is now literally and figuratively, passing you by.

But that’s the thing, I am warning you, the universe is like an eager puppy…..excitedly panting at your feet, just DYING for you to pick up the ball and throw it, and once the game is started, there’s no going back, there is neverending energy there. The universe is like FINALLY you are ready, you see something in yourself that was there all along!!!….and possibly, just like the puppy, may get a tad too excited and pee on the floor. New people, collaborations, possible job opportunities, chances to speak publicly, all get thrown your way…which, while exhilerating, can also feel overwhelming and has the potential to induce sessions of eating ice cream in bed with your phone on mute.


Though, as tempting as it is, this isn’t the time to back away…because if you can get through this initial “whoa” phase where things are rushing at you so fast that the colours are blurred, there is magic on the other side. You ASKED for this, so yes, you can decide to say no to certain things, but just make sure you are saying no for the right reasons. If you are shying away and know in your heart it’s only based out of fears and anxieties, you WILL regret not pushing yourself.

Don’t worry, I’m not trying to turn you into a strictly “yes” person, in fact I highly value the art of saying no (which could be a different and lengthy post). But that is in relation to people asking favours of you, or spreading yourself too thin with social events etc. When we are talking about a goal you truly want for yourself, the future you want to create….which you know is in reach….please, start practicing, and get damn good at saying YES.

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  1. Becky says:

    Amazing! Woman up and go for it!

  2. jIMMY says:

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