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Back to School: A Time for New Friends for the Whole Family

I know we may be in denial (you can find me poolside, shivering, clutching a bottle of sunscreen, knuckles white in defiance)…but it’s back to school time!


We all have those friends who tingle at the thought of a pumpkin, but for some that’s not enough. And while I myself love a good pumpkin (or 8), our unsatisfying southern Ontario summer hasn’t quite given me all the ready for autumn feels. It was after a talk with my son about meeting new friends that I thought about the excitement and fun the school year will bring. He had been feeling down about the lack of boys in our neighbourhood, and the fact that most of mommy’s friends only have daughters around his age (this will NOT be a problem in the future teenage years, but he doesn’t want to hear that right now #ewgirls). I was reassuring him that he will reconnect with old buddies, as well as make new connections to hang out with. Fingers crossed that there are some cool dudes like him in his grade two class because his parents are getting tired of scouting for friends! It seems like so much work and I am fairly certain that the previous generation of parents didn’t partake in these kind of shenanigans. It was at this time I thought (like a true millenial), wouldn’t it be nice if there was a service for parents to seek out playdates, an app, to match up kids with common interests….almost like the dating site Tinder….but we could call it….Kinder.

Making friends

Whether these friends end up as “friends for a season or friends for life” it is so important to meet new people, to feel a sense of belonging and a sense of community as we go through different stages in our lives. For me, it’s been hard to keep connections alive with certain friends who are at different stages and it may just be that I end up having a blast over this school year with the parents of these kids my son and daughter will befriend. I love the idea of having someone to bond with while watching a dance class or someone to enjoy a glass of wine with while our boys nerd out over Pokemon cards in the basement. So please, my darling littles, it would be an added benefit for you to take a liking to someone who’s parents aren’t assholes or boring humdrums who don’t laugh at my jokes. At the end of discussing things with my son, we decided to look at September as the new January, a time for change, a time for growth (he probably wasn’t listening to me at this point) and slap a smile on our faces, as for him, and for me, a new best buddy could be right around the corner.



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