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Hot for Hygge

There can be no more denying….it’s cold out. In true Canadian girl fashion I may have been seen in flip flops recently, but the time has come to retire them until that first somewhat mild day in the spring. So while I may have shed one or two tears shoving them into the back of my closet, out of the corner of my eye I caught sight of my new scarf and got a warm fuzzy feeling (not only because I grabbed it and rubbed it against my cheek, but also in my heart, because I LOVE all things cozy!) Where my cozy girls at?! Did you know that there is a term you can use to describe this “lifestyle”….well….you can use it once you learn how to properly SAY it. The concept is called “hygge” though, just like asking for extra Worsestershire in your caesar or ordering a glass of Gewurztraminer, if you are familiar with this Danish way of life and have been pinning like mad on Pinterest, I guarantee, like me, you’ve been pronouncing it wrong. Say it with me: HOO-GA.

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And while saying it may feel silly, there is nothing silly about the feeling of cozy contentment you get when you latch on to all things hygge. No clue where this “stat” came from, but it’s been said that Denmark is known for being one of the world’s happiest countries, even with their crazy weather. I would say happy is the new black, people are literally craving happy and when they figure out how to up the happy factor in their hectic lives, even a tad, they love to take pictures of it and share it with the world. What girl HASN’T taken a staged picture with the following items: latte, slippers, book spread casually open beside a platter of baked goods and even a succulent off to the side? You may think that you see through all of that and consider hygge a fad. But ask yourself this, do you get into your jammies the moment you get home from work? Turns out you’ve been a hygge enthusiast all along! (bonus points if they are fair isle or buffalo plaid)

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So what else is essential with this way of life? Candles are an obvious one (I’m starting to think it’s not a coincidence that I am now an obsessed candle maker #shamelessplug) as well as anything knit (the chunkier the better), throw blankets and pillows (good luck trying to find the actual pieces of furniture underneath the glorious piles), elements of nature and even certain types of foods, including how they are served (think charcuterie boards and potlucks which create closeness and interaction).

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I’m sure I’ve started a running list of things you want to add into your home or motivated you to create a new board on Pinterest, but this does NOT give you permission to pass GO and head directly to Home Sense in an attempt to give your home all the cozy feels, in fact that would be very un-hygge-like. Leave it to North-America to take something so beautifully European and add the inevitable capitalist spin, you could literally call the home section at Chapters “Hyggeland”….what we need to understand about hygge is that at the core it is about comfort and togetherness. It calls for surrounding yourself with things you love and focusing on the simple things that give you joy. You likely have so many hygge items already in your house, you just need to be reminded to use them, to take the time to pause, appreciate and unwind.

What are some things you consider to be high on the hygge scale? Are you already “hot for hygge?”

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Emily, I was just introduced to your blog by your friend Debbie Donaldson (I just met her the other day at a women’s power networking event…she is just lovely)! And boy am I glad she sent me the link to your website! I absolutely love your blog! Your energy is so contagious and it seems that you and I have much in common based on your “About Me” page! I host two link up parties every week on Tuesdays and Fridays and would love for you to stop by and join us! We can never have too many positive blog posts out there for the world to read. You definitely have a new follower in me!


    • Emily says:

      What a sweet note to see, thanks for reaching out! I love when paths cross! I will be checking out your blog for sure! She mentioned you to me as well 🙂

  2. Britt K says:

    I am ALL about the throw blankets – there is nothing that makes me feel more comfortable than curling up on the couch with my blankets!
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca