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Justified Eating

I know I know, everyone’s talking about health-focused new year’s resolutions, this diet, that workout. They seem to be the go-to every January for so many. Don’t get me wrong, any form of effort in that direction should never truly be looked at negatively…initially…but one must wonder why it’s a recurring theme every year…so I say at that point, get angry at what doesn’t work!! Often we choose unrealistic resolutions and then are left feeling guilty when they don’t stick.


However, I really would like to make some changes in this department. A year ago I was happy with my body, right now….I am not. Don’t worry, I like plenty of things about myself, appearance and otherwise, I have a decent level of self-confidence (especially after taking nine minutes to decide on JUST the right filter lol), but let me be real…I am NOT ok with my bloated belly that often looks seven months pregnant when I am not sucking in, nor am I ok with knowing what I have been putting into my body and how totally shitty it makes me feel #sugaraddiction


So I took a few moments to think about WHY I went from someone who went day-to-day fairly energetic with minimal “sucking in”, to a sloth wearing leggings (take a second to picture that….you’re welcome). I couldn’t find any triggers, I had a great year, in fact I was having such a blast passionately working on building various aspects of Arrow It Forward, I didn’t feel stressed out, just busy. And that’s when I landed on it and it’s what I will call “justified eating.”


You see, not only was I busy, but I was proud of the work I was doing…and I often felt like I deserved a trip through a drive thru or an extra glass of wine or a BAG of peanut M&Ms….VERY often. Knowing that I figured myself out, I sat back and had a big “huh” moment. I was annoyed at this realization, but at least felt like I could retrain how I was thinking to make sure I didn’t continue to the extreme with this self-indulgent behaviour.


So instead of thinking I DESERVE junk because it’s fun and easy to eat….I’m telling myself that I deserve more, so much more. I deserve to eat things that will fuel me in a BETTER way so that I can be energized to do even more of the work I love so much. I deserve to spend time reading a book, my favourite pastime, instead of reaching for the second glass of wine that can leave me too sleepy to read more than a few pages. I deserve to let myself feel TREATED with goodies….which were no longer were feeling like “treats” when I was shoving them in my mouth on the daily.


Does this resonate with anyone out there? Did you break out of it? I would love to hear tips on how you retrained your brains. I give much love to the brain I have…but why does it have to sometimes act so dumb??! #selfsabotage My plan for 2018 is to get excited about eating healthier, but I know for me it needs to be ACTUALLY easy. I love to do a shake in the morning, but what’s the point if you eat crap the rest of the day? Shoot me some inspiration!

Healthy eating

I want to look my best, there’s no denying that, but I want to feel my best as well. “Everything in moderation” is a place this girls needs to pack a bag for….Leaving the leggings behind.



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  1. Margaret says:

    I’m in a similar boat as you – moderation is key. I’ve decided to do a “Dry January” – no alochol. Pop only once a week (and even then, I can’t seem to drink so much of it anymore). In terms of food, it hasn’t been easy but I’m balancing out the calore intake by upping my activity (at least 30 minutes walking briskly a day). It all adds up. I’ve lost a couple lbs so far. Feeling better too! Hang in there… you will find your stride.

  2. Andrea K says:

    Love this post! I’ve been on a fitness journey for a while. I LOVE working out, but I haven’t see the results I’ve hoped due to my eating habits. I’ve noticed that I do better if I don’t have that “just one”. As soon as I have one, I have more. If I can resist having the one completely, then I’m fine. Also, out of sight, out of mind. Keep the junk food hidden at home and/or work and keep the healthy items out and easy to grab (wash/cut them etc).

    • Emily says:

      Oh man I know….it’s a slippery slope having that “just one!” You are so right that it has to be convenient and more viable than the junk…..speaking of junk….we still have so much Christmas chocolate left over….should I throw it out? Feels wrong to throw it out even though that would be better for us lol

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