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Erin Loree: July 25, 2017

“When Emily first approached me a few months ago to be interviewed for Arrow It Forward, I immediately thought, “HELL YES!” First and foremost, what this creative, courageous, and insightful woman has done is create a true sense of community. She elevates and empowers others by seeing the light in them and by giving them an opportunity to express their authentic selves. By following her passion and acting from a place of love, Emily has given others permission to follow their own hearts’ deepest desires. What better way to be a catalyst for change in the world than by inspiring others to open up, to express their deepest beliefs, and to share their gifts with the world?!

XOXO Thanks for doing what you do, Emily! I am so grateful to have had this beautiful opportunity to share what I do through Arrow It Forward!”

Becky Moore: July 22, 2017

“Recently I asked Emily how she comes up with such unique and insightful questions for her feature pieces. With typical Emily wit, she replied “I just sort of vomit them onto the page.” While we both had a good laugh at this, it is pretty obvious that vomiting does not describe her skill or style as a writer, blogger or promoter.

Instead, I would say that the thought, skill and care she puts into her word craft can be better compared to that of a winemaker. From the tiny seeds she brings forth grapes; picking them at just the right time so that she can craft them into a delicious, full bodied Bordeaux. The result is sweet and balanced, concentrated and powerful, with just the right kick of tartness to make you pucker at the mouth!”

Kristy Rachkowski: July 11, 2017

“So blessed to have been featured in Emily’s blog a while back just after opening Vibe Eater & Juice Co. Emily’s passion for identifying budding businesses, getting to know the masterminds behind them and really profiling people is what will make her a huge success going forward!! I love the energy she brings to each of her posts and her passion for embracing all life has to offer in general. This #bossbabe is a force to be reckoned with.”