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On Target Spotlight: P.S. Baby

Sometimes I come across a product and it truly is love at first sight. For reasons that can be difficult to describe, it simply stands out, the branding is on point and you want to grab the closest person to you and say LOOK AT THESE. Well, that is what happened when I saw the adorable P.S. Baby “mega kids” at a recent vendor event. I introduced myself to owner Sabina Wimmer McLarty and explained that I NEEDED to get one for my daughter’s upcoming birthday. This was even before I found out they were customizable!! And I already had a very specific idea in mind.….. But before we get to that let me tell you a bit about the dolls.

Mega Kids

These high quality, one-of-a-kind darling creations are made with new and recycled fabrics, with all areas of tension double sewn. I want people to know that they can get such an amazing gift locally! P.S. Baby operates out of Kingston and they are so easy to order. Clicking here brings you right to the order form where you can personalize hairstyles, clothing…and possibly anything you can thing of! Sabina loves a challenge. Which is exactly what I gave her! You see, my four year old is obsessed with KISS….the band. Yes you read that right! She saw a Scooby Doo cartoon where KISS was part of the story and her inner rock goddess was born (just kidding she’s always been a diva). Since then we have to watch their videos on YouTube, listen to their playlists while cleaning her room and she especially loves Starchild. So I threw that over to Sabina, also mentioning that her other main interest is superheroes and she not only accepted the challenge, she nailed it.

Etsy dolls

I cannot wait to give this doll to my daughter, she is going to be thrilled! (thank goodness for the double stitching because she will be dragging it around everywhere!) Do you see why I was inspired to create this series?! Stay tuned for more fun things that catch my eye, that are totally “on target.”



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