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On Target Spotlight: Simplifying Spaces

When you think of Spring what do you think of? Other than NOT scraping ice off your car….hey, at least the sun was out for a while today! For me I think of fresh starts, getting organized. But really, this joy (yes joy….please read my Basket Case entry next to really get you in the mood) can happen any time of the year. Getting organized is a gift to yourself, the gift of time and peace. Have you ever sat down in a messy, cluttered family room where your thoughts DON’T eventually turn to “I will go through those bins….someday” or and are you only sitting down in defeat after not being able to find the kids’ pizza forms that are due tomorrow?

After having similar discussions with a handful of my friends recently, I knew I had to share with my readers a local business that can make your visions of wrangling chaos come to life! Hilaina Fawcett, owner of Simplifying Spaces, is a mom of two and knows how much better a family can function when things are….well…simplified! She is a pro at turning your “before” into an amazing “after”….you may cry tears of joy, just sayin.

Hilaina Fawcett

What I love about Hilaina is that she doesn’t fix you up and then leave you high and dry! The relationship continues, like a “stay organized” support system, just check out her Instagram feed where she shares so many helpful links and suggestions. She truly wants to be there for her clients and provide continuous value and motivation!

Professional Organizing Kingston

Simplifying Spaces offers different packages to suit different needs, there really doesn’t have to be an excuse anymore and it is totally ok to ask for help! So much can be done in a short amount of time when you have a professional on your side! And really don’t we all need someone in our lives to tell us to just throw out the 38 McDonald’s toys and finally make our space look like a Pinterest win??!

Professional Organizing Kingstonwww.simplifyingspaces.ca

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