My Little Photography Co.

My Little Photography Co.

I love when I see a mom opening up her own business that is such an obvious and natural choice. That’s when you know there is true passion behind it and that it will have lasting power! Natural is the key word here. Sara Kench, the mama extraordinaire behind the new and already beloved My Little Photography Co., is always searching for that perfect natural light that best captures the crisp and sweet details of her beautiful clients! 

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Friends and family have benefited from her talents for years now…and snapping up all of the best and funniest moments of her FOUR growing girls has certainly given her LOTS of practice!

Her dedication to documenting their childhood is enviable and it really is a gift for her family, to leave them with tangible memories that they can look back on throughout their lives. After being not so subtly nudged in this direction by so many, Sara finally felt ready to turn her passion into a business and is so excited to be able to help other families get frame-worthy pictures to cherish!

Like my own family! I see family sessions posted on Facebook all of the time and always think "oh we should really do that"….but we NEVER DO! Not only do I have a husband and son who hate getting their pictures taken (we do NOT have that problem with our daughter lol), but days pass quickly and I just don’t seem to make it a priority. But that’s the problem. DAYS PASS QUICKLY. And who DOESN’T love looking through old pictures, either to remember or to simply laugh. It’s such a wonderful thing to do with family, especially this time of the year.

We haven’t had family pictures done since my son was a newborn. He turns NINE in January. This means we have NEVER done family pictures with our 5 year old daughter. I regret it. So here’s the thing, if you are like me and are WISHING you had some nice pictures, Sara truly makes it easy and even if there are a few bribes and stern words thrown around during the session...the magic really does happen....and she doesn't send you the pictures of you giving the evil eye to your darling children ;) We just ended up with a beautiful variety of frame-worthy snapshots to ooh and ahh over, completely forgetting about the whining behind the scenes! Yes we may whine, we may pout (the "Prout pout" is infamous), we may yell, we may cry....but this is also us. Thank you Sara for the reminder.

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