Never undercut yourself...especially if you just want to get an undercut

Never undercut yourself...especially if you just want to get an undercut

In high school I thought it would be cool to own your own business...and to have an undercut. Turns out, 20 years later, here I am, sometimes catching myself in the mirror, shaking my head in disbelief that I now have both!

Today a thought occurred to me, is it a coincidence that these two seemingly unrelated things coincided? At the same time I was undergoing a major hair makeover, in essence I was also taking the clippers to my life.

Two bold moves in my opinion. I would have seen these things for someone else, wishing I had the guts. I've never been much of a risk taker. In fact, it's something I've viewed negatively about myself. That I am often overly cautious, not being one for adventure, needing to plan everything, know all of the details, stay in my comfort zone. I've always known that this can lead to missing out on certain things, things that could end up being so in line with who you are, and what you are wanting out of life.

I still don't consider myself a risk taker. What has changed then? Why did I stop undercutting myself and just go for it? I believe it's been a growing confidence that I am making the right choices for me. But it's also a trust that if those choices don't work out, that I have a sense of certainty in myself that I will figure it out, make different choices, keep moving forward. Hair can grow back....and my resume is strong.

So I cut my hair and I quit my day job. And even though my children may on many days disagree, I know that my teenage self would think I was least for a 39-year-old. 


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