Picture Your Brand

Picture Your Brand

You know I love to tell the “behind the brand” story for growing businesses. I feel that it fosters the relationship an owner can develop with their customers, and does magical things for brand loyalty! People love seeing behind the scenes, humans are nosy #realitytv.....a CURIOUS bunch, and I know that as a consumer I love choosing to support other hard-working mompreneurs over big box stores, especially when they take the time to share a bit about their process and what life looks like for them.

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When I saw that Fresh Voice Media now offers a “Picture Your Brand” photography package, I was all over it! Not only have I been wanting to show my own amazing customers about my life as a maker, but I will be recommending that businesses contact Allison at FVM when they reach out to me for a blog feature. The pictures PERFECTLY showcase what I love to write about! It’s the visual story of YOUR unique business which goes hand-in-hand with the interview-style features that I produce for my blog.

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For my fellow makers out there, it’s happening more and more that events want these type of behind the scenes pictures to help increase interest on social media, often requesting them at application stage. And if you wholesale to stores, having a brochure or framed information and visuals alongside your product attracts attention and slows down the shopping experience.

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The new package offered by Fresh Voice Media includes:

• A one-hour photoshoot at your store, workshop, service area etc. where Allison will take headshots of you in your element, as well as candid shots of you working with your products, communicating with customers/clients, running your business etc.
• 50+ edited photographs in high-resolution versions for print use, as well as web-ready versions for website and social media use
$275 + HST

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And here’s the thing….professional pictures make an entrepreneur feel, well, professional! It really does wonders for your mindset, about your belief in what you are doing. And when you feel proud and empowered by seeing your hard work showcased this way, you may just reach out to a store you didn’t have the nerve to approach in the past, really the sky is the limit when there is belief involved!

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This blog is sooooo on point! I love where she says that professional photos make an entrepeneur feel like a professional!! It is a validation, and Allison captures those feelings beautifully with her camera! I can’t wait for my own studio to be open so that I can hire Allison to capture me in my element!!

Jenn Collett

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