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Isn't Creativity Enough?

I’ve been running into a topic recently that has brought me out of my blogging hibernation! Whether it’s from subtle (not so subtle to me) comments from makers I chat with at markets or hearing about the reason as to why someone wasn’t accepted into a specific market, there are obviously varying definitions of handmade. Don’t we just LOVE labels? We always seem to feel the need to classify. So ok, yes, let’s say that a handmade “scale” exists. I agree that there are things that are MORE handmade than others. To help illustrate this I would place pottery, for example, on one end of this spectrum, because you are literally molding something with your hands. And that is amazing….and...

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Picture Your Brand

You know I love to tell the “behind the brand” story for growing businesses. I feel that it fosters the relationship an owner can develop with their customers, and does magical things for brand loyalty! People love seeing behind the scenes, humans are nosy #realitytv.....a CURIOUS bunch, and I know that as a consumer I love choosing to support other hard-working mompreneurs over big box stores, especially when they take the time to share a bit about their process and what life looks like for them. When I saw that Fresh Voice Media now offers a “Picture Your Brand” photography package, I was all over it! Not only have I been wanting to show my own amazing customers about my...

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I’ve found myself struggling yet again with something that drives me nuts. SELF-DOUBT. While this piece focuses on the self-doubt I deal with as an entrepreneur, it unfortunately creeps in to so many areas of our lives (don’t even get me started on motherhood!) Whether you are a friend, family member or customer of mine, I’m hoping you read this, as I’m revealing something about what goes on behind the scenes with Arrow It Forward that I think is important to share. When something is bothering me do I clam up? No, thank goodness….I talk. Talking things out helps to normalize icky feelings because we realize others are going through the EXACT SAME THING. These other people can be surprising...

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8 Things That Keep Entrepreneurs From Unravelling

And even if we DO unravel, I guarantee there is a maker out there that can gather up that yarn and knit it into a beanie or infinity scarf! Being an entrepreneur isn’t for everyone and many days leave you wondering why you are doing it in the first place...but it seems that once the entrepreneur bug bites, there’s no going back, I think it’s the control freak in our Type A personalities. After featuring many kickass women who decided THEY need to be CEO, whether with a part-time side hustle or a full-time rewarding career, I’ve uncovered some common threads (maker pun intended) and will list them for you now, 8 things that keep entrepreneurs from unravelling: Coffee Let’s...

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