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PAGE-TURNER SET book & candle #1

PAGE-TURNER SET book & candle #1

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Books and candles are a perfect match! And you know I love my page-turners!!

I am THRILLED to bring back our beloved book and candle sets!!!! Each include one amazing read by an indie author, one Bookish Collection candle of your choice, a fun sticker and a SIGNED BOOKPLATE!  (Please indicate in the notes section of your order which bookish candle you would like, otherwise one will be included at random…surprises are fun too!)

Seriously though, this makes my bookworm heart so very happy, did you know I have been enthusiastically growing “booktok” and “bookstagram” accounts?! @pageturneremily is how you can find me and follow along on all of the bookish fun!

We are starting things off strong with a Canadian thriller writer that will keep you on the edge of your seat!!! Meet Emerald O’Brien, the author of We Don’t Leave (and many others!) I gave this one 5 stars and it is a PERFECT summer read with a cottage location!


Who can you believe when you can’t trust your own eyes?

Hayden is excited to begin a new life with her husband, Sid, after he accepts a job offer back in his hometown. She doesn’t love the idea of being so far from her family, but she understands why he’s pushing for the move—after a car wreck and addiction issues, it makes sense that he’d want a fresh start. Sid has even agreed to throw a party to celebrate the transition.

But when Hayden steals away to their cottage for some time alone, she makes a shocking discovery.

Terrified, she races home, but by the next morning, she’s more confused than anything.

What did she really witness? Is her mind playing tricks on her? If she’s right, what she saw might upend both her marriage and her very freedom.

But Hayden can’t risk making accusations, not without proof.

After all, it’s not the first time she’s seen something that wasn’t there.


Grab this set for yourself to devour by the light of the candle on a warm summer night…and maybe gift one to a friend for an extra special buddy read experience!

Then get excited because her next book, Little Sparrow releases August 8th and it ALSO has cottage vibes!

In purchasing this set you are supporting both indie and small business, which is always a 5 star situation!! Oh and you are saving some money too ;)

PRE-SALE open until June 7th with orders being shipped out late June! (Please note that anything else in your order will also be shipped at the same time)


* not available for wholesale 

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