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Secret Scents Duo

Secret Scents Duo

Regular price $30.00

Here's the won't know the scents! But one thing's for sure, they will smell good

We have both a number of our previous style jars left, and a variety of scents on hand we've been longing to play with! We thought this could be a fun way to put it all to use and offer you an amazing price point if you burn tons of candles or love to gift them!

What you will get: two 8oz candles in reusable jars with black lids, labeled with our cute Get Lit stickers!

Will you get one that smells like a tangy margarita and one that reminds you of a walk along a beach? Or maybe you will get the one that has that perfect manly cozy scent and the one that smells like you've been baking muffins. 

It's a great way to break out of your comfort zone and try something new and it's definitely been a blast mixing and making! 

* not packaged in our custom printed boxes

** not available for wholesale