THE BALM 306 I Always Lose My Lip Balm lip balm - peppermint

THE BALM 306 I Always Lose My Lip Balm lip balm - peppermint

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Meet The Maker

Hello, I’m Jeanna (pronounced jen-na); a fiery little Saski-toba Prairie woman with too much energy and a love for helping people.  I live a modest life in the city of Regina, SK with my small family.  

This little venture started with a plan for "unicorn themed balms" for my daughter’s birthday.  After trying a few different recipes, I found one that I loved and started sharing with family and friends.  My niece came up with the name for the company and from there, TheBalm306 was born.  

Our Values

1) TheBalm306 takes pride in providing quality product made from all natural ingredients.  The Labels developed for each order are made and printed by me, at home.  They will not be industrial quality; I’m not there.  I’m not sure I ever will be.  I'm really diggin' this slightly imperfect -definitely handmade- vibe that I have going on.  (That’s also a very clear description of me.  Ironic, hey?)  So if you are looking for totally perfect and flawless, I will respectfully redirect you to another option.  

2) BABES SUPPORTING BABES.  Guys.  We are all in this together.  So, the little nudges of support we all give each other needs to continue.  We can't always buy from and financially support every small business we come across.  But a follow, a share, a like can go a long ways. Collaboration over competition.