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Decoding Scents: Top, Middle and Base Notes

Our candle fragrances are a harmonious blend of various scents carefully orchestrated to create a captivating olfactory experience. KIDDING! It doesn’t get too scientific in our workshop, we know what’s popular and we go with it!

However, it is true that behind every yummy fragrance lies a number of notes that unfold in a specific sequence. Understanding the concept of top, middle, and base notes helps to appreciate the complexity and allure of fragrances in general, whether it’s in candles or in perfumes.

We recently added the scent notes right onto our updated labels and thought this is a perfect time to dive into this topic!

The Top Notes:

The top notes are the initial burst of scent that greets your senses when you first take a sniff. They tend to be fresh, bright, and zesty. Common top notes include citrus fruits like bergamot (which we have in a number of our blends!), lemon, or grapefruit.

The Middle Notes:

Next, the middle notes emerge to form the heart of the fragrance. These notes provide the character and theme of the scent, creating a bridge between the initial freshness and the lingering base notes. Middle notes tend to be floral, fruity, or spicy.

The Base Notes:

The base notes are the foundation and the final lingering impression. Base notes are usually deep, rich, and warm, adding complexity and depth to the overall scent. Common base notes include vanilla, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, or amber (would you believe me if I told you our bestselling scent Hygge has patchouli in it?! Most people THINK they don’t like that scent)

hygge soy candle

Understanding the dynamics of top, middle, and base notes can help you choose a fragrance that suits your preferences. However, it can be so fun to try something new!


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