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Never undercut yourself...especially if you just want to get an undercut

In high school I thought it would be cool to own your own business...and to have an undercut. Turns out, 20 years later, here I am, sometimes catching myself in the mirror, shaking my head in disbelief that I now have both! Today a thought occurred to me, is it a coincidence that these two seemingly unrelated things coincided? At the same time I was undergoing a major hair makeover, in essence I was also taking the clippers to my life. Two bold moves in my opinion. I would have seen these things for someone else, wishing I had the guts. I've never been much of a risk taker. In fact, it's something I've viewed negatively about myself. That I am...

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Isn't Creativity Enough?

I’ve been running into a topic recently that has brought me out of my blogging hibernation! Whether it’s from subtle (not so subtle to me) comments from makers I chat with at markets or hearing about the reason as to why someone wasn’t accepted into a specific market, there are obviously varying definitions of handmade. Don’t we just LOVE labels? We always seem to feel the need to classify. So ok, yes, let’s say that a handmade “scale” exists. I agree that there are things that are MORE handmade than others. To help illustrate this I would place pottery, for example, on one end of this spectrum, because you are literally molding something with your hands. And that is amazing….and...

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Sarah Rouleau Photography

Isn’t it amazing when you get to watch someone’s success grow over the years? We are often tempted to say, only half jokingly, “don’t forget me when you are a total big shot!” We also like to say “I saw your talent from the very beginning.” That’s how I feel about local photographer, Sarah Rouleau. She was our very first daycare provider, so she’s used to people needing to trust her with our hearts! She touches on this point below, but I want to stress it here that I really believe there may not be better training grounds for a wedding photographer….talk about capturing beauty amidst chaos! I will always treasure the moments she captured during those early years. It...

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My Little Photography Co.

I love when I see a mom opening up her own business that is such an obvious and natural choice. That’s when you know there is true passion behind it and that it will have lasting power! Natural is the key word here. Sara Kench, the mama extraordinaire behind the new and already beloved My Little Photography Co., is always searching for that perfect natural light that best captures the crisp and sweet details of her beautiful clients!  Friends and family have benefited from her talents for years now…and snapping up all of the best and funniest moments of her FOUR growing girls has certainly given her LOTS of practice! Her dedication to documenting their childhood is enviable and it...

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Picture Your Brand

You know I love to tell the “behind the brand” story for growing businesses. I feel that it fosters the relationship an owner can develop with their customers, and does magical things for brand loyalty! People love seeing behind the scenes, humans are nosy #realitytv.....a CURIOUS bunch, and I know that as a consumer I love choosing to support other hard-working mompreneurs over big box stores, especially when they take the time to share a bit about their process and what life looks like for them. When I saw that Fresh Voice Media now offers a “Picture Your Brand” photography package, I was all over it! Not only have I been wanting to show my own amazing customers about my...

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